Teach your canine friend how to respect boundaries on your new Utah property

If you’re moving to Utah, you’re going to be seeing a lot of open spaces. Depending on where you are looking to move, not all neighborhoods and homes have standard back yard fences, or any fences at all. This may not be a problem for new residents who don’t have a dog, but any newcomers looking for a place to let their four-legged companions run around may think of this as an issue. We don’t want this to turn you away from buying your dream home, so we’ve put together some information that will hopefully help you sacrifice nothing when you’re looking to buy a home in Utah.

A beautiful Utah home

A beautiful Utah home

If you are not interested in building a standard wood/chain fence that could alter the beautiful, open look of your home, a great solution to keep your dogs from getting away is a wireless dog fence. These fences are invisible, they are basically just a transmitter that gives you the perimeter, and the collar for your dog. When your dog goes near the edge of the boundary, they will receive a warning noise from the collar. When they get closer and pass the boundary, this is when they will receive a static correction that will startle them back onto your property. You will be able to ensure your dog stays within your property and avoid bothering neighbors, running into the street, running into an unsafe bit of land, and help train them overall to respect you and the boundaries you have set up for them. With some models, it takes a mere amount of minutes before your dog gets familiar with the perimeter. Some others require an extra bit of training, but it shouldn’t take more than a week if you’re consistent with it. We recommend looking for the right model at K9FenceReviews.com, as they have a comprehensive review website.

It’s common in a new home to experiment with and improve the exterior of it. Spring and summer will bring lots of opportunity for gardening, landscaping, painting, building, and more. These are some of the things you’ll probably want your dog to stay out of, but how can you do it without keeping him inside the whole time or tying him up? Neither of those options sounds very nice for either of you. What’s great about these wireless fences is that there are some models that are meant for deterring your dog from a certain area rather than just keeping him within one. Often they look very discreet (much like a rock), so you don’t have to have an unsightly transmitter in your garden. These are fantastic for keeping your garden from being dug up or your tomatoes from being eaten, as well as keeping the fur out of your paint job and your dog safe from any unsafe tools or objects!

You don’t have to be worried about sacrificing your dream home in Utah just to please the needs of your dog. There are many options out there for pet containment and training that will keep your backyard open and beautiful!