Kitchen Appliances for New Homes

Just because you are moving into a new house doesn’t mean you should also get new appliances. Yes, there is great benefit in just keeping your old appliances when you make your move into your new home but sometimes it is also wise to get new appliances or at least upgrade the last ones.  Though this does not necessarily ring true for appliances like TV or home theatre systems, it is with your kitchen appliances that you should make appropriate upgrades or replacements when you pack up and live in your new home. Here are a couple of kitchen appliances that you can replace and/or upgrade when you move into your new house and more importantly, your new kitchen.

  • Refrigerator- The very first thing that you should consider leaving behind is your fridge. Most often than not, it is the fridge that takes up the most area and is usually the biggest appliance in your kitchen. There are times when just the mere transportation of a refrigerator would prove to be more than just a hassle. You should also consider the probability that your new kitchen does not have the same dimensions and area with your previous kitchen and that your fridge might not even fit in through the door and in the kitchen as a whole. It would just make more sense to sell it and buy something that would fir better.
  • Oven- The oven is most likely the heart of the kitchen, which is why it only makes sense to have a new one when going into a new house. When moving into a house take the opportunity to upgrade and get a better oven that would suit your cooking and baking needs not to mention your kitchen’s style. As the heart of the kitchen, your oven determines its life. Choose only the best.
  • Dish washer- You could also take the time to upgrade your dish washer when you move into a newer house. Yes, sometimes the dishwasher can be as large as a small refrigerator, so you might not want to have the hassle of having to transport your old one. You could find some newer and even cleaner dish washers that would be worthy to replace your old one that you can really trust your precious plates with.
  • Microwave- What is a kitchen without the quicker and smaller version of the oven? Yes, the microwave is like one of the most necessary appliances in the modern man’s lifestyle these days. You can most definitely take this time to upgrade your microwave to ensure more fast and efficient ways to enjoy food on the go.
  • Other little appliances- You should also look into upgrading and trading in a lot of your other, smaller kitchen appliances and even buy new ones that would suit you better in your new house. You could replace your coffee maker with something more compact and preferably of new model. You could also acquire new appliances that you did not really have back at your previous place. You can start by upgrading things with appliances such as getting a mixer instead of the manual beater you have or trading in your best knife sharpener with an electric one that would actually do a lot more efficient work. These are all up to you but would really do your new kitchen much good.

Marketing your Investment

Marketing Your Investment

For many, buying real estate isn’t just about purchasing a home. Many of my clients will look for properties in Salt Lake as vacation homes which have a variety of benefits. Firstly, Salt Lake is a fantastic spot for a vacation home because of its geography. As a former winter Olympic host, it truly is a playground for the outdoorsman. Some beautiful mountain ranges to explore, most of my clients will often be hunting and fishing enthusiasts Often times the first question a client will ask me after purchasing their home is where they can buy their hunting and fishing supplies as they like to have their garage stocked up with whatever they need when they do spend some time at their vacation home.

Another benefit to having a vacation home in Salt Lake is because it is quite an attractive rental market. People from around the world descend on Salt Lake every year to take in the great outdoors and getting a good return on your investment is certainly possible. Owners have a couple of different options to consider including both short term and long term rental options. In market like Salt Lake, there is an opportunity to rent your property on a weekly basis. I always recommend a local property management company to manage the rentals and take care of the details in between stays. In the high season, this can be quite profitable as you can rent out your home for a pretty good price.

Salt Lake is also within reasonable proximity to some fantastic medical facilities which bring people in for short term stays to have specific work done. I have had older clients in particular actually purchase homes in Salt Lake for this exact reason as medical facilities become more important to them. When you can afford it, you want to ensure that you have access to world class hospitals where you get the care you need. There is nothing less comforting than visiting a rag-tag hospital where the medical staff are using older gear. I’ll never forget the last time I visited a hospital similar to this and the doctor’s cheap stethoscope didn’t even work!

If you don’t like the idea of having multiple people renting your home from month to month, there is the options of longer term rentals which are a little less profitable than short term rentals but require a less management and more security. As Salt Lake has a large transient population, every year brings in a new group of people looking for places to live and your property will more than likely be suitable for a longer term rental.

Regardless, it is important to market your rental property effectively and I am the person to get you on the right track. I have expertise and experience to ensure your vacation home will provide you with peace of mind so you can actually enjoy your vacation.

Boost Your Rental Rate With A Premium Kitchen

When looking to purchase a rental property, there is a seemingly endless list of features to consider while trying to determine the value of the property, trying to upgrade the quality of the property, and setting a fair rental price for it. But one aspect of rental properties that is often overlooked is the quality of the kitchen appliances, despite the fact that adding the right kitchen appliances can be a simple way to make the property look more appealing, making it easier to rent, possibly at a higher price.


Okitchenbviously, the location of the property, as well as the amenities in the area around it are going to be the biggest factor in the cost of the property, but once the location has been decided, a lot can be done inside to increase the appeal and value of the property. In that respect, the kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house, and the appliances within the kitchen can be a key part of successfully renting out the property at a favorable price.

The kitchen is almost always going to be the first room prospective renters see when looking at a rental property, which means that the kitchen is critical to making a good first impression. If prospective renters don’t leave the kitchen feeling pleased and impressed with what they saw, their attitude about the property as a whole is unlikely to change. However, showing off an inviting kitchen at the start of a visit can set a positive tone, and make the prospective renter more likely to look favorably at the rest of the property. Obviously, little can be done about the size and shape of the kitchen, but filling the kitchen with high-quality and aesthetically pleasing appliances is something that’s under control of the renter, and can be a way tho influences the prospective renter. To be more specific, the refrigerator is the most important kitchen appliance, and is one of the most important aspects to the inside of the property. It’s impossible to predict the taste of prospective renters in terms of the color and model of refrigerator they would prefer, but having a large fridge that includes amenities that aren’t standard on all refrigerators is a great way to make the kitchen and the property seem more appealing. The same can be said for the stove, which is the kitchen’s other major appliance. Nearly all prospective renters will plan on cooking on a daily basis, and anything that can make cooking easier for them will increase the appeal of the property and make them want to rent it, regardless of cost.

Of course, it’s not all about expensive and flashy appliances; the devil is in the details.

Putting together a package of small yet useful kitchen appliances, but doing so in a way that doesn’t create a cluttered look is another simple and easy way to make the kitchen more appealing. It’s a fine line to walk, but empty shelves don’t give off a welcoming vibe, which will turn prospective renters off to the property, while an excess number of items on countertops will make the kitchen appear messy and make the prospective renter think they’d be paying for things they won’t use. However, several useful appliances of high quality will make the kitchen, and the property as a whole, more appealing.

When it comes to rental properties, location is important, but it’s not everything. Outside of location, there are several variables under the renter’s control that can entice prospective renters into paying a higher price for it. Having quality kitchen appliances is a simple addition to a property that can make a big difference in increasing the value and appeal of a rental property.

Utilize A Premium Patio To Boost Rental Rates

When it comes to making a property appealing so that it can be rented out and turned into a source of income, so many properties in a particular area tend to become too similar and feature many of the same amenities.  Nearly every property that prospective renters look at will have a kitchen, living room, and entertainment center with many of the same perks.  The key is to find something that makes the property stand out, and that can distinguish it from similar properties in the same area.  One way to do that is to highlight the patio amenities of a property, as a patio is not something that all properties will feature, and by showcasing the patio as a place of fun and enjoyment, it will help the property as a whole stand out above similar properties in the area.

With patio amenities, it all starts with furniture.  The key to patio furniture is finding pieces that are both comfortable and practical.  Patios are considered a place of relaxation, so finding furniture that is comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time is a must.  But at the same time, the furniture must be something that can be used for activities on the patio such as afternoon cocktails, card and board games, and even full meals.  Finding furniture that is both comfortable and practical will help make the patio an asset to the property’s appeal.  Of course, the furniture must also be durable so that it can stand up to both frequent use and weather.  Otherwise, the patio furniture will have to be replaced frequently, ultimately making it more trouble than it’s worth.


Lighting is also a key part of the patio area, as it enables patio use after dark, which is essential to creating a desirable rental property in warm climates.  Much like the furniture on the patio, lighting must be functional in order to enhance the use of the patio.  However, the lights must also be creatively placed so they don’t take up excessive amounts of space or interfere with any of the other features of the patio.

In addition to quality furniture and adequate lighting, the patio area of a rental property must be aesthetically pleasing to prospective renters, or else it could become more of an eye sore than an asset.  Often times, adding plant life to the patio can be the best way to do this, as many types plants can add color and beauty to a patio, while also breathing new life into the area as a whole.  Even if it’s not possible to plant a small garden on the edge of the patio area, a set of plant containers can be used to bring shrubbery and flowers to the patio.  Depending on the size of the plants, they can provide shade or privacy to the patio, in addition to making the area more visually appealing.

There are also a wide variety of decorative pieces that can be added to a patio to further enhance its aesthetic appeal and make it stand out.  For instance, small ponds, fountains, or statues are simple additions to a patio that can leave a lasting impression on prospective renters.  Any kind of yard art that complements the furniture without taking up a lot of space would be a welcome addition to any patio set up.  Of course, these decorative pieces are just the icing on the cake when setting up a patio on a rental property, because when done properly with the right furniture and lighting, a patio can be an attractive and memorable part of any property, enhancing its value in the eyes of prospective renters.

Is Utah Cheaper? Property values in Utah Compared to the Rest of the USA



When compared to other states around the country, the property values in Utah are on their way up at a higher rate, which is good news for property owners, especially those that are selling or renting out their properties to others, as well as the Utah economy as a whole.  Obviously, there was a steep decline in property values beginning with the financial crisis in 2007 that few states were immune from, but for nearly the past two years the housing market in Utah has shown improvement at a significantly higher rate than the national average, making property values in Utah above average compared to the rest of the country.

As of August of 2013, housing prices in Utah had risen 9.4 percent from the low point they hit during last decade’s financial crisis, according to information published by the Federal Government.  Government numbers also indicate that since the low point of the housing crisis, building permits in Utah rose 73 percent, a sign that the construction of new homes in Utah is also bouncing back.  Foreclosures in the state of Utah are also on their way down, which is a luxury not all states are privy to, while homes in Utah with negative equity are down 41 percent since the peak of the crisis, both of which are signs that property values are once again on the rise in Utah.

In terms of the average listing price for homes currently on the market, only 11 states and the District of Columbia rank higher than Utah.  This puts Utah in the top 25 percent of states with regard to property value.  There are two main reasons for this.  The first is that the northern part of the state has well above-average values that raise the level for the entire state.  The three northern Utah cities of Provo, Sandy, and Salt Lake City have median property values north of $200,000, while Summit County, just east of those three cities has a median value close to $700,000, according to Trulia Real Estate.

The second reason for the high average in property values is that there are few weak spots in the state of Utah with regard to property value.  There is only a small pocket in the northeast corner of the state where median property values are under $100,000, which helps keep the statewide average high.  There are a limited number of states, mostly on the West coast and in the northeast corridor, where there are no weak spots in the housing market dragging down the average property value for the entire state, and Utah is one of them.  Most states in the Midwest, Great Plains, and Southeast have a large number of counties in which the median property value is less than $100,000, which is why Utah compares favorably with a majority of states across the country.

The broad trends that give Utah such high property values compared to the rest of the country are a high demand, low supply, and a minimal amount of distressed properties.  Utah has several cities, most notably the capital of Salt Lake City, that are desirable places to live and enticing for outsiders to move to.  The state has much to offer both current and potential residents, which keeps demand high and the supply low, driving up prices.  A low number of distressed properties prevents the small pockets of low property values from impacting the areas around them or the state as a whole.  This is why Utah retains higher than average property values when compared to the rest of the country.