Marketing your Investment

Marketing Your Investment

For many, buying real estate isn’t just about purchasing a home. Many of my clients will look for properties in Salt Lake as vacation homes which have a variety of benefits. Firstly, Salt Lake is a fantastic spot for a vacation home because of its geography. As a former winter Olympic host, it truly is a playground for the outdoorsman. Some beautiful mountain ranges to explore, most of my clients will often be hunting and fishing enthusiasts Often times the first question a client will ask me after purchasing their home is where they can buy their hunting and fishing supplies as they like to have their garage stocked up with whatever they need when they do spend some time at their vacation home.

Another benefit to having a vacation home in Salt Lake is because it is quite an attractive rental market. People from around the world descend on Salt Lake every year to take in the great outdoors and getting a good return on your investment is certainly possible. Owners have a couple of different options to consider including both short term and long term rental options. In market like Salt Lake, there is an opportunity to rent your property on a weekly basis. I always recommend a local property management company to manage the rentals and take care of the details in between stays. In the high season, this can be quite profitable as you can rent out your home for a pretty good price.

Salt Lake is also within reasonable proximity to some fantastic medical facilities which bring people in for short term stays to have specific work done. I have had older clients in particular actually purchase homes in Salt Lake for this exact reason as medical facilities become more important to them. When you can afford it, you want to ensure that you have access to world class hospitals where you get the care you need. There is nothing less comforting than visiting a rag-tag hospital where the medical staff are using older gear. I’ll never forget the last time I visited a hospital similar to this and the doctor’s cheap stethoscope didn’t even work!

If you don’t like the idea of having multiple people renting your home from month to month, there is the options of longer term rentals which are a little less profitable than short term rentals but require a less management and more security. As Salt Lake has a large transient population, every year brings in a new group of people looking for places to live and your property will more than likely be suitable for a longer term rental.

Regardless, it is important to market your rental property effectively and I am the person to get you on the right track. I have expertise and experience to ensure your vacation home will provide you with peace of mind so you can actually enjoy your vacation.